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Joyce Duren and Barbara Charles

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Come on in and share with us as we embark on a new journey in our quest to help others heal and tell their life changing stories about how they are surviving life's ever day challenges. The world is changing quickly and many are becoming lost in the spend of time. Our company desires are to teach and train some of the how too methods of coping skills as we reinvent ourselves to new ideas and ways of ever day living lifestyles. Please join us and feel free to comment at any time because it's about "ALL" of us as a whole body working together.

Our first endeavor is to introduce you to one of our first product and published Author Joyce G. Duren and her new book "Lupus The Journey Continues"


This book speaks to the long ordeal Duren endured while trying to get a medical diagnosis to the physical pain that she suffered throughout her body.  The pains for her were like being run over by an automobile.  Joyce could never say which area of her body it was going to hit next and it traveled to all parts at different times.  Duren believes that not only lupus patients, but anyone who is suffering from a terminal illness will be uplifted and encouraged with her publication “Lupus . . . The Journey Continues.” She hopes to provide a positive way to heal their mind, body and spirit. 

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 This year our attention is focus on our children as America suffers from yet another tragedy in

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